Voox DD Face Cream





VOOX DD FACE CREAM is a whitening is a combination of CC..

may be a marvelous cream for skin whitening.

This cream gives full inclusion to dull spots.

As a sunblock cream, it blocks UVA & UVB rays of the sun with SPF50.

Benefits :

is that the best skin whitening cream that offers a characteristic gleam to your skin.

You’ll utilize in Pakistan as an institution even as sun-block.

You’ll be able to utilize this cream for any hazier space of the skin of the body.

this cream brightens the skin gives the regular look to the skin.

With the help of this cream, you’ll treat dim spots.

There are the subsequent main benefits of this decency cream.

How to Use :

Apply VOOX DD all over the body for just 15 minutes the sun exposure.

Use it freely VOOX cream side effects are zero.

Voox DD cream Ingredients :

is a multi-purpose whitening cream that helps to brighten up the skin.

make it glowing and treat uneven skin tone.

formulated with the ingredients!


-Sodium Chloride

-Prunus Lannesina Flower Extract


-Malic Acid


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