Whitening Cream from VOOX DD Cream.

Combines BB cream and CC cream to correct your complexion.

Sunblock with spf 50.

VOOX DD CREAM in Pakistan Gives a shining, white and moisturized skin.

Rich with Japanese flowers Extracts.

Can be applies on body dark areas.

No need to wash it after using.

Voox DD cream formulated in Japan and will make your skin whitening skin its come with sunblock.

It helps with, saturates the skin, and makes it more appealing and great.

Voox DD cream made from a unique blend of ingredients that helps in correcting the hyper pigmentation.

Use it freely as VOOX cream side effects are zero.

Add fair skin look like the natural white nourishing skin and sun protection well.

VOOX DD CREAM in Pakistan is an awesome superb skin whitening cream.

VOOX DD CREAM is mix of CC and,

BB cream and may be a marvelous cream for skin whitening.

VOOX DD CREAM gives full inclusion to dull spots and various imperfections of the skin.

Voox DD cream gives a flat-out whitening impact to the skin.

As a sunblock cream, it blocks UVA and UVB light emissions sun with SPF50,

VOOX DD CREAM changes the skin tone and makes it lighter and shining.





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