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Pills Of Slimming :


Slimming Pills may be suitable for people with specific health problems.

deficiencies that contribute to their excess weight,

Weight loss pills acquired from online sources.

other dubious sources without a doctor’s assessment, can be harmful for health.

They can lead to serious complications such as organ dysfunction or failure,

if used inappropriately,” warns Dr Pasupathy.

Weight loss pills work in different ways depending on their formulation. They may ?

Reduce the absorption of fat from food in the intestines.

Boost metabolism so you burn more calories.

Suppress appetite so you feel less hungry.

Side effects ??

Appetite suppressants: These are stimulants and can have side effects such as …

Increase in blood pressure.



Increase in heart rate / abnormal heart rate.


Side effects affecting the liver can lead to symptoms such as…

Brown urine.

Yellow eyes or skin.


Light-coloured stool.

Loss of appetite.

6 tips for healthy weight loss ??

Eat fruits and other fibre-rich foods at every meal.

Get sufficient daily exercise.

Stop dieting with a short-term goal in mind.

Choose natural foods over processed foods which tend to be high in fat and sugar.

Drink lots of water.

Stop skipping meals.

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