Skill Mans Whitening Facial


Skillmans Whitening Gold Facial Kit 6 Pieces Set

Gold Double Action Cleaner

Gold Scrub

Gold Massage Cream

Gold Mud Mask

Gold Skin Polish

Gold Golden Peel Off Mask



Skill Mans Whitening Facial :

Skill Mans Whitening Facial In Country Like India, That Is Obsesse With Fairness.

Skin Whitening Facial Kits Are Always In Great Demand! These Powerful Formulations Lighten

Your Complexion And Make You Look Visibly Fairer.

That’s Not All! From Dealing With Embarrassing Dark Spots, Pigmentation And Even Suntan,

These Products Can Help You Attain The Skin Of Your Dreams In Just A Few Sittings!

If You Have Always Wanted A Fair And Lovely Skin,

We Highly Recommend Facial Kits Available In The Indian Market.

Instead Blindingly Trust Local Beautician Substandard Product,

You Can Invest In One Of These Kits And Get The Facial Process Done By Them.

Ready To Reveal A Whole New Beautiful You?

Skill Mans Whitening Among all the treatments available at the salons, gold facial is one of the most demanded ones.

Why? The amazing skin benefits of gold date back to the era of Cleopatra.

The Egyptian queen used to apply a gold face mask every night for glowing skin.

Lux beauty, indeed! No?

No wonder why Japanese women have such young-looking, shiny skin.

1- Gold Golden Peel Off Mask.

2- Gold Mud Mask.

3- Gold Double Action Cleanser.

4- Weight :Each Jar (300ml *6)

5- Parlour Size Facial Kit.

6- Gold Skin Polish.

7- Gold Massage Cream.

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Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Whitening Facial Kits For Men And Women:

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