Physiogel Moisture Body Lotion




Physiogel Moisture Body Lotion:

Physiogel Moisture Body Lotion, 200/ml

Lotion promotes long lasting moisture to protect against reoccurring dryness.

How to use ??

Can it cause an allergic reaction?

Physiogel products are hypoallergenic which means they are free from preservatives, perfumes and colourants that can cause allergic reactions.

Apply to the skin twice daily or as directed by the dermatologist. Suitable for all over body use.

to use it ??

Use Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion if you want to make skin less dry and sensitive.

How does it work ??

the skin’s moisture barrier that you skin becomes soft, smooth and less sensitive.

Protects against external irritants that can aggravate dry and sensitive skin.

Softens and smoothes for visibly healthier skin.

Clinically proven to strengthen and repair the skin’s moisture barrier.

Light, fast absorbing daily use body lotion that spreads easily for dry and sensitive skin.

Contains advanced Physiogel Biomimic Technology and a range of specialized skin care ingredients.

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