Enliten-G Cream


Enliten-g Cream 30Gm

How To Use: Apply Small Amount Of Cream Thinly On Affected Areas And Massage Gently Till Complete Absorption. Avoid Getting Into Nose, Eyes And Mouth. For Best Results Use In The Morning And Evening Before Going To Bed.

Product Name: Enliten-g Cream

Ingredients: L-glutahtion , Vitami C

Product Type: Cream

Pack Size: 30/gm

Company: By Garent Pharma

Used For: Whitening,Glowing



Enliten-G Cream In Pakistan :.


Enliten-G has targeted action. Thanks to its liposomal form combining powerful whitening ingredients with powerful antioxidants for strong whitening effects.

Enliten-G is for Glowing White complexion.

Directions For use :

1- Apply small amount of cream thinly on affected areas and massage gently complete absorption.

2- Avoid getting into nose, eyes and mouth.

3- For best results use in the morning and evening going to bed.

Enliten-G Cream Price In Pakistan

It is a cream for all sensitive skins,

Enliten G Cream
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Beauty face and darkness remover Cream in Pakistan.

For best glow and Skin Brightening Cream. Face Moisturizer is one of the most essential skincare ingredients.

Hydrated skin is happy (and healthy) skin!

One of the most common reasons for wrinkles and premature aging is dehydration and lack of nutrients.

Using the right face cream for your skin type can help reduce the appearance of fine lines,

wrinkles, uneven skin tone and other signs of aging.


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