Camel Milk Primer


Kiss Beauty Camel Milk Smooth & Moisturizer Primer

Brand New
100% High Quality
24Hours Long-lasting
Smooth & Moisturizing
Camel Milk Primer That Will Last The Whole Day And Make Your Makeup Glow
Needless To Say, Kiss Beauty Is Good To Produce



Camel Milk Primer

Camel Milk Primer It’s Best To Apply Foundation After Cleaning Your Face And Prepping

Is Know To Have High Concentrations Of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Ahas),

Which Help Exfoliate Dead Skin, Allowing For Cell Turnover And Renewal,”

Dr. Aanand Geria, A Dermatologist At Geria Dermatology In New Jersey, Tells The Zoe Report.

Camel Milk Is Load With Lactic Acid, An Aha That’s Consider

To Be The Most Friendly Acid For Sensitive Skin. Like Other Skincare Acids,

It Gently Sloughs Away Dead Skin Cells And Leaves Skin Looking Fresh —

It Increases Skin’s Production Of Ceramides And Helps It Retain Moisture,

Resulting In A Plumper, Glowier Appearance.

It With Moisturizer, Sunscreen And Primer If Possible.

Your Skin Is Ready, Start Applying Foundation From

The Center Of Your Forehead With Dots And Start To Blend With

Your Fingers Or A Brush Or A Beauty Sponge.

Long lasting.Oil control.

Maximum coverage.

Moisturizes your skin.

Makes the skin shiny.

Gives full coverage.

Covers blemishes and fine lines.

Light Texture and Breathable.

Creates a natural bare makeup.

For Better Results, Make Sure You Apply A Foundation Is Appropriate To Your Skin Type.


For Sensitive Skin, Patch Test On Skin First Use. Do Not Apply To Irritated Or Damaged Skin. If Irritation, Redness Or Discomfort Occurs, Discontinue Use. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Avoid Contact With Eyes.

Product Details Of Kiss Beauty Camel Milk 24 Hr Long Lasting Primer Smooth & Moisture 40Ml

Radiance And Anti-aging Aloe Vera Sooth And Smooth Primer Serum Help To Remove Wrinkles

And Brighten Skin Giving Skin A Youthful-looking Glow.




Pigmentation Corrector


Depth Replenishment

Acne Treatment



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