Angela Gold Women’s Ginseng


Angela Gold Women’s Ginseng – 100% Natutal-01 Boxs 60 Capsules – Ship From Usa 5-10 Days

Rs : 12000/- PKR

Quantity : 1 Box 60 Capsules

Angela Gold Ginseng Supplements To Improve Women’s Physiological Health. Helps Liminates Symptoms: Vaginal Dryness, Decreased Libido, Difficulty In Achieving Orgasm, Establishing An Endogenous Balance In Favor Of Female Hormones.




Angela Gold Women’s Ginseng

Angela Gold Women’s Ginseng – 100% Natutal

The Angela Gold Strengthen And Lighten Skin From Within.

Increase Sexual Desire For Women, Improve Symptoms:

Vaginal Dryness, Low Libido And Difficulty In Saticsfaction With Orgasm.

Support Bodily Hormonal Balance Between Estrogen, Progesterone Adn Testosterone;

Delay Menopause And Aging; Improve The Symptoms Of Pre-menopause

And Menopause Hot Flash, Night Sweat, Insomania, Tension, Depression. Enhance

The Calcium Absorption That Helps Maintain Health Bones.

Reduce Serum Cholesterol And Stabilize Blood Pressure.


Angela Naturally Improves Women’s Hormone Estrogen
Angela Gold Ginseng Or Angela Women’s Ginseng

Is Extract From Lepidium Meyenii – A Peruvian Ginseng.

It Is An Herbaceous Biennial Plant Of The Crucifer Family Native To The High Andes Of Peru.

It Is Grow For Its Fleshy Hypocotyl (A Fuse Hypocotyl And Taproot),

Which Uses As A Root Vegetable, A Medicinal Herb, And An Aphrodisiac.

Nutrient Composition Of Lepidium Meneyii Found In Roots.

Lepidium Meyenii Is Rich In Minerals Vitamins, Amino Acids, Sterols Group,

Glucosinates Group, Alkaloids Group, Fatty Acids, And Fiber Group…

Expiry: 02 Years From Manufacturing Date

Packing: 01 Bottle X 60 Capsules

Product Origin: Made In The Usa By Eco – St. Paul Pharma

Excipients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Corn Starch Q.S 1 Capsules

P. Leucotomos: 40 Mg

Peptan F. (Marine Collagen Peptides): 100 Mg

Lepidium Meyenii Ginseng: 100 Mg

Dong Quai Extract 5:1: 80 Mg

Ginkgo Biloba Extract (24% Flavone Glycosides): 20 Mg

Black Cohosh: 60 Mg

Damiana Leaf Extract 5:1: 80 Mg

St. John’s Wort Extract (0,3% Hypericins As Hypericin): 100 Mg

Muira Puama Extract 6:1: 100 Mg

Country Of Production Usa, Công Ty CỔ PhẦN DƯỢC PhẨM Eco


How To Use Angela Gold Ginseng?
The Adult Takes 02 Capsules Per Day, After Meals. Round Use From 1 To 3 Months. Should Use Regularly.

1 capsule twice daily morning and afternoon with or after meals. Use for women over the age of 18.












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